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Ceramawire has been used in a broad range of applications since 1970

Ceramawire’s HT wire was originally developed and manufactured by a transducer manufacturing company that required it for their high temperature coil requirements. Due to its excellent capabilities it was made available to the general marketplace in the early 1970’s. In 1983 the process was then sold to Ceramawire who expanded and further improved the product line.

Ceramawire has recently been purchased by Motion Sensors, Inc., a speed sensor manufacturer, and will be operated as a separate division of the company. Motion Sensors had been one of Ceramawire’s largest customers and has used Ceramawire’s HT wire for many years in the manufacture of their line of magnetic speed sensors for high temperature applications to 1000°F. These sensors have been used in a variety of industries, including flowmetering, power, and general industry, as well as nuclear applications.

The acquisition of Ceramawire by Motion Sensors has increased Ceramawire’s ability for support and engineering, enhancing our in-house application experience.

Contact Us: Ceramawire does not stock finished product and is manufactured per customer order. Please contact us with your requirements.